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I believe in overcoming obstacles, no matter how big or small.

Ever since I was a young boy, life confronted me with challenges. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes troublesome, but always life-changing.

I believe that every single decision we make from the heart, is the right one. It might not always seem like the easiest choice at the time, but when we look beyond that point often we see the bigger picture. Our mission to achieve more in life, conquering obstacles one step at a time.

In recent years, I’ve been presented with some heavy challenges and in which I had to make difficult decisions. I chose to restart my life, and accept all the consequences that would come my way.

I discovered why I wanted to take a new path in life, and how to deal with all things coming my way.

It has not always been easy, and it is still rocky every now and then, but I am going uphill one step at a time.

Du Nord Projects is born from my mission to overcome those challenges and find my way to the top of the mountain. It symbolizes the power of inner strength, to rise up from negativity and carry a positive attitude towards your own future. To overcome all your obstacles, no matter how big or small.

I believe that pride and strength will always conquer anything in life, and that you and I will always find our way to the top of the mountain. We should realize that through honesty, transparency and strength we can achieve our goals.

Together we set course on a journey, as human beings, to find our way to the top of the mountain.

Du Nord Projects.

Le Jean Du Nord

Un Hommage

The smooth feeling when you wrap your legs around mine, as a second skin. The relaxed yet snug space between the two of us, like thin layers only to be kept apart by the air to breathe. How you sit comfortably on my waist, opening closed buttons as if unlocking Pandora’s box. The gentle feeling you give me, when my fingers caress your hypnotising indigo skin. The miraculous feeling when our two worlds intertwine. Together we create our legacy.

The Zachary denim trousers by Du Nord Projects are entirely made in Europe, partially by hand and partially on vintage machinery. We feel proud to share with you the ingredients that make for the Zachary denim trousers:
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane denim fabric, woven in Italy by Berto Industria Tessile;
  • 100% Cotton chambray fabric, woven in Italy by Cervo Tessile;
  • Natural Corozo Buttons, manufactured by Butonia Group;
  • Single pleats starting from waistband;
  • Suspender buttons inside the waistband;
  • 6 hours of manual labor to create one pair of trousers.

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