Labor Jacket Natural 12oz.

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TheConcrete Labor Jacket Natural 12oz.
  • TheConcrete Labor Jacket Natural 12oz.
  • Twill cotton
  • 2 patch pockets
  • 1 chest pocket
  • Regular fit
  • Available as made-to-measure custom order

This casual jacket is made from a refined natural white twill cotton, making the jacket feel extra soft during wear. Due to the contemporary style and fit, the Labor Jacket is easy to combine on various trousers.

Fernando Garcia de la Calera is the founder of TheConcrete, and can be best described as a rugged tailor as he perfectly blends the worlds of rugged workwear and authentic craftsmanship.

The size guide for the Labor Jacket, as seen below, shows the regular size dimensions. Specific made-to-measure can be done through the store, feel free to bring your own best fitting jacket.

Size guide jacket

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