ZHT High Tapered 14oz.

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Tanuki Jeans ZHT High Tapered 14oz.
  • Tanuki Jeans ZHT High Tapered
  • 14oz. 100% Texan cotton
  • Natural indigo, rope-dye
  • 5-pocket
  • Button fly
  • High tapered fit
  • Only in length 34, hemming on a Union Special chainstitch optional
  • Made in Japan

The Japanese brand Tanuki is made by a collective of Japanese denim masters who's goal it is to preserve traditional weaving techniques and construction methods without compromising on modern demands and developments.

This Tanuki ZHT comes in a 14oz. deep blue indigo shade, with 6 dips on the rope-dye. The fit is high tapered, sitting comfortably in the waist and tapered from the knee down.

Please note that (natural) indigo might bleed on light surfaces and textiles such as white sneakers or an off-white sofa. We advise you to turn the trousers inside out and soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water for 30 minutes, before the first actual wear. This way you rinse out a bit of leftover starch and indigo plus it takes out the final bits of shrinkage. The bleeding of indigo, as it is known as, is a characteristic of quality clothes dyed in indigo and will also occur during the early stages of wear.

Size chart below, only L34 available but we offer Union Special hemming. Model wears a W32, is 78kg and 183cm tall.

Tanuki ZHT


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