Ruttloff H2-20 regular tapered

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Ruttloff H2-20 regular tapered jeans
  • Ruttloff-Garments H2-20
  • 12oz. 100% cotton, raw denim, Nihon Menpu mill Japan
  • Natural indigo
  • Natural leather patch
  • 5-pocket jeans
  • Button fly
  • Enforced pocket bags and crotch
  • Regular tapered fit
  • Handcrafted in Germany

These amazing, handcrafted jeans by denim artisan Johann Ruttloff from Germany, come in a beautiful blue steel indigo tone. The raw denim jeans come in a regular tapered fit meaning to sit proper in the waist and are slightly tapered from the knee down. The fabric is 100% raw denim woven by Nihon Menpu in Japan and all the pocket bags and the crotch are enforced. These jeans come with a button fly.

Please note that (natural) indigo might bleed on light surfaces and textiles such as white sneakers or an off-white sofa. We advise you to turn the trousers inside out and soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water for 30 minutes, before the first actual wear. This way you rinse out a bit of leftover starch and indigo plus it takes out the final bits of shrinkage. The bleeding of indigo, as it is known as, is a characteristic of quality clothes dyed in indigo and will also occur during the early stages of wear.

Model on the 1st photo wears the jeans as a slim tapered in a W31, one size down from regular size. Model is 182cm tall and weighs 78kg. On the 2nd photo, model wears a W32 as a regular tapered, true to size.

Size chart below, only L34 available but we offer Union Special hemming. Model wears a W32, is 78kg and 183cm tall.

Ruttloff H2-20 size guide

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