Jeans P35 13oz.

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Blue Blanket Jeans P35 13oz.

Blue Blanket Jeans P35 13oz., old school style raw denim with extra buttons for suspenders and a chinch back. Loose fit.

The P35 is a tribute to the days that jeans were really just used as workwear. This style comes with extra buttons for suspenders, a chinch back strap and has a loose fit.

Please note that (raw) denim in (natural) indigo might bleed on light surfaces and textiles such as white sneakers or an off-white sofa. We advise you to turn the jeans inside out and soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water for 30 minutes, before the first actual wear. This way you rinse out a bit of leftover starch and indigo plus it takes out the final bits of shrinkage. The bleeding of indigo, as it is known as, is a characteristic of quality denim and will also occur during the early stages of wear.

  • Blue Blanket Jeans P35
  • Natural indigo
  • 100% cotton, Japanese raw denim 13oz. Kuroki
  • 5-pocket
  • Button fly
  • Extra buttons for suspenders
  • Chinch back strap
  • Length 34
  • Loose fit
  • Made in Italy
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