KESTIN, sensible workwear from Scotland.

I never ever heard of this guy before! Kestin who? 

It might come as no surprise that this was mainly because I am often a complete noob when it comes to European workwear brands. That's probably the main reason why I've invested heavily in researching iconic, contemporary makers from countries closer to home, instead of Japan...

Anyway, meeting Kestin Hare for the first time during Welcome Edition (tradeshow) in Paris was great! As I've mentioned often, it is quite rare that you meet down-to-earth people in the fashion industry but chatting with Kestin, I quickly wondered when my pint was coming as we were having such a relaxed conversation and he showed a genuine interest towards my business as well. 

From granddad Bill to Nigel Cabourn, paving his own way

KESTIN, the brand, is the result of Kestin's 20 years in the industry working for various brands and eventually developing his own premium workwear brand. Being inspired by his creative family, and specifically his granddad Bill (who Kestin describes as a well put together proper gent), Kestin has put in the hours to get to where he is now.

Spending much time in vintage research, details and understanding the importance of UK production, it led him to becoming the Head of Design at Nigel Cabourn. Over the course of time, Kestin knew he wanted to have his own brand and, after relocating to Edinburgh, he did just that.

His own vision, his Scottish heritage and his dedication to detail combined with his extensive experience and great character has resulted in creating an amazing, sensible workwear brand that has a story to tell.

Timeless classics with a twist

What I enjoy most about the KESTIN collection, is the fact that all the items have a feel of nostalgia without getting outdated. Contemporary pieces that you can either dress-up or dress down and that'll make you look good no matter what the season is.

One of my personal favourites is the Rosyth overshirt, which reminds me of the old indigo dyed worker coats that you'd see in local factories. And, with the Autumn season hitting us hard, what better than a jumper in the style of a windbreaker? The Creiff is an absolute staple garment in your wardrobe, and you won't regret it!

I'm very excited to start this partnership with Kestin Hare and his amazing crew, a bunch of great people who don't beat around the bush!

Still waiting for that pint tho, Kestin!!


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